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do you know about bike rack?

Nowadays,so many people like to take a bicycle trip with family and friends at weekend or holidays.If you go to country road with you car, but how to take the bicycles?

So I think you should need bike rack."4+2" is popular style for travel.

According to install the bike on where position,bike rack can classify 3 types:

1.rooftop bike rack

In some matches,we can see they are bicycles will put on the car roof with bike rack.Because it is easy install and price is cheaper.But disadvantage is it can not carrier to much weight and the windage is large.

2.tow ball bike rack

This tow ball bike rack can carrier over 3 bicycles and use convenient.It can install in receiver tow hook, not need to install base frame.But after carrier bicycles, it will keep out the tail lights,so you install spare light is better.

3.back truck bike rack

Back truck bike rack is useful for cars which without tow hook.It is easy to upload and download bicycles.

Different manufacturers are different designs for bike rack, but the functions are the same to carry  bicycles.

More and more people pay attention to low carbon and environmental protection,bicycles are more popular style.I hope more and more people will enjoy take bicycles for trips.

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