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Islamism important holiday--Eid Adha

2018, 22th August,it is Islamism important holiday عيد اضحى‎.
How is holiday source?
According to the Koran records,prophet Ibrahim no have child, he pray for Allah give a son to him.In soon, he really had a son and so grateful to Allah,take careful of him son.
After ten years,Ibrhim made a dream, he saw that Allah order him to kill his son to test his sincerity.Him never doubt it and take the order, and his son also encourage him to do it.
When Ibrahim take a sharp knife, put on his son's throat, he cry sadly.The first time left a mark on his son's throat, second time scratched a bit of skin.
His son said"father, let me lie down, then you can make the desion easy,follow the Allah".So Ibrahim accepted his son's exhort.

But When he do it,Allah ask him to take the knife out, ask Gibrze Bea Le take a  black head sheep to replace his son.Ibrahim take the knife to kill the sheep, it dead.

When Islamism was created,Muslims admit Ibrahim is a Saint ancestral, so in the same day of each year, become a important holiday for tens of thousands of muslims.
In this holiday, muslims will do two things:
1.gather in Mosque,hold grand ceremonies and celebrations.
2.Qurban.before holiday, they will prepare the health battles,according to family economic,it will be camels, cattle and sheep.After Qurban,it divide into triplicate for themselves,family and friends,poors.
It has three days for this holiday,people have many celebrations.
The first day, visit to the close family  which had people dead in past.
Second day, visit to elder families.
The third day, visit  neighbors families.
It have many entertainments,sinsing,dancing,drinking,enjoy it so much.
Holiday is use to anniversary past,look forward to the future.Hope our life is more and more well, and peaceful of all over the world.

No matter which religion, we are brothers and sisters.



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