• different size roof boxes
different size roof boxes

different size roof boxes

  • Product description: our roof boxes are made by ABS +PMMA material, max load 50kg. It is dual side opening with locks with U Bolts​.We can make black/white/red/grey color.

We are a factory to supply and export car roof boxes, roof rack, luggage carrier, tyre chains.

We offer many size and design for customer choose, or can order by special samples.

We insist good quality and competitive price for our customers.

roof boxes have different sizes, like 260L,300L,350L,450L,500L,550L,600L,650L

general feature are as below:

ABS +PMMA material

max load 50kg

dual side opening with locks with U Bolts

can make black/white/red/grey color

Factory export quality, wholesale price, can do FOB price.

Further information,contact e-mail:echo@super-carparts.com


Contact: Echo

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Email: echo@super-carparts.com

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